GPT Tokens represent ownership over the entirety of a UEC. However, it is important to note that GPT Tokens DO NOT grant (i) legal ownership over the shares or assets of the companies that make up Greener's corporate structure, unless such assets have been specifically designated for that purpose; (ii) debts of Greener or any other company within the corporate structure established for the Greener Project to Token holders; nor (iii) voting rights, governance, or common stock related to Greener or any other company within the corporate structure established for the Greener Project.
The tokenization market is subject to various risk factors, which we seek to mitigate through our corporate and legal structure. However, it is important that you are aware of the risks associated with this market and how it operates, especially regarding the transactional and storage characteristics of the Tokens. Additionally, there are risk factors related to businesses in general, which can range from the possibility of bankruptcy to the occurrence of embargoes, confiscation, or blocking of Tokens and/or the Platform by governmental entities.
By acquiring the Tokens, you acknowledge and fully understand all the risks involved and declare that you are legally capable of assuming this responsibility. Furthermore, you agree not to make any claims or legal actions contesting this point and/or seeking any form of compensation from Greener or any of the companies that are part of Greener's corporate structure for any losses or undesired outcomes resulting from the purchase of the Tokens.
Additionally, when acquiring GPT, you should also be aware that the regulatory status of cryptoassets globally is often unclear or in early stages in many jurisdictions. Although we strive to ensure that the Token is compliant with the majority of the project's target jurisdictions, it is difficult to predict how or if regulatory authorities may enforce existing laws or new regulations related to the Token. Therefore, Greener, its companies, directors, members, or shareholders will not be held responsible to Token holders for any action or decision related to the Token and the Platform taken by any authority of any country unless that authority determines otherwise following an administrative or judicial process with the possibility of appeal.
In the event of any of the aforementioned situations, especially embargoes or confiscation by governmental entities, which we cannot foresee, you may be at risk of losing the entire value paid for the acquisition of the Tokens, having your cryptoasset or Platform wallet blocked, facing transaction restrictions within the Platform, or being unable to trade your Tokens. It is important to be aware of these possibilities and carefully evaluate the risks before acquiring Greener Tokens.