🏎️Formula 1 Grand Prix | 2023

Brazil is the sixth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world, and this estimate shows that the country emitted 2.3 billion gross tons of greenhouse gases in 2022 - data from the UN Climate Observatory. In the same year, the level of carbon dioxide in the world reached levels 50% higher than those recorded before the Industrial Revolution, marking a historic record, according to the World Meteorological Agency of the UN. This scenario represents not only a threat to the global climatic balance but also evidences an unprecedented situation. The excessive increase of this gas in the atmosphere is accelerating climate change, resulting in increasingly intense and frequent extreme weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and heatwaves. Faced with global climate urgency, it is essential to explore innovative solutions to face this challenge. A promising approach is the role of the carbon credit market in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. It is important for governments, companies, and individuals to play active and collaborative roles in this initiative.

Among the main protagonists who have made a solid commitment to promote environmentally responsible practices, the São Paulo Grand Prix stands out, the main recurring sports event of the national calendar, which is implementing actions in accordance with the ESG agenda (environmental, social, and governance) as a business opportunity and a way to add value to the sports market, indicating a progressive change towards sustainability.

In the midst of this panorama, the 2023 edition of the São Paulo GP recorded historic milestones: the economic impact of the event reached a record of R$ 1.64 billion and 267 thousand people attended the three days of competition at the Interlagos Autodrome, establishing a new peak in attendance. This grandeur was not limited to the circuit, being broadcast live to more than 180 countries and reaching a global audience that exceeds the mark of 445 million unique viewers.

In the second consecutive year of partnership with Greener, the reasons for celebration go beyond, this year, our partner achieved the "carbon negative" classification by neutralizing a higher amount of carbon than emitted. This milestone was only possible because the São Paulo GP joined forces with Greener to further intensify its commitment to the sustainability agenda and reinforce its role in promoting environmentally responsible initiatives.

Through the partnership, 5 thousand tons of carbon were compensated for throughout the weekend's programming - including the São Paulo Grand Prix Official Party, the official event party that took place in a luxurious hotel in the São Paulo capital. All action was directed towards the conservation of the Amazon biome. This collaboration renews our commitment to a greener and more sustainable planet for everyone. May the coming years be as promising!

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