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Climate change is one of the main challenges facing humanity today, caused by global warming and influenced by the increase of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere due to human activities such as deforestation, burning fossil fuels, energy consumption and waste generation.

Numerous consequences are evident daily all over the planet, such as major storms, floods, tsunamis, long periods of extreme drought and unusual temperatures, known as extreme weather events.

There is therefore a need to act to combat these problems and forests have proved to be important allies in this fight. By sequestering and storing carbon, they help in the direct fight against global warming. In addition to this benefit, forests are sanctuaries for biodiversity and offer us various ecosystem services to maintain life on the planet.

Greener was born with the great purpose of fighting climate change. Encouraging the preservation of forests through high integrity, governance and transparency projects, our digital green asset solution seeks to offer a reliable, secure and validatable product that, at the same time, promotes sustainability. We follow strict standards of governance and processes, offering products and solutions with quality and security standards.

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