This is the offering of a cryptoasset, which is a digital asset with immutable characteristics, traceability, and transparency of operations, electronically transacted on a blockchain protocol. The cryptoasset presented here is the GPT, which has characteristics of a tokenized asset in accordance with the legislation and regulation of the jurisdiction of its issuance. Essentially, the GPT represents ownership of a specific asset, granting the holder ownership of that represented asset.
GPTs were developed as a tool for digitizing, facilitating access, use, and transfer of conventional assets, specifically Carbon Storage Units (CSUs), which are tokenized assets. The concept of CSUs, their purpose, and how they are generated are detailed and explained in this Whitepaper. During the private sale, the Token offering was exclusively conducted by Greener. Greener has the exclusive right to sell the GPT Token during the private sale and until the lock-up restrictions for trading by token holders are in effect. During the public sale, users will be able to acquire Tokens directly on the Greener platform and possibly on some cryptocurrency exchanges where the Token may be listed.
However, Greener does not guarantee the listing of the Token on all cryptocurrency exchanges. A portion of the proceeds from Greener's operations will be allocated to support the preservation of important biomes in Brazilian regions, totaling approximately 530,000 hectares of vegetation in the states of Amazonas, Mato Grosso, Pará, and Rondônia. It is estimated that these regions are home to over 2,000 animal species, representing vast biodiversity. Additionally, a portion of the funds may be directed to support 17 social projects that engage in activities in these mentioned areas.