True sustainability lies in the balance between caring for people and preserving the planet.

Co-building a new future for the planet doesn't just mean encouraging offsetting, it means rethinking how human beings relate to nature and helping to ensure that good deeds are kept alive and generate seeds that can germinate these changes. We have therefore planted in our culture the importance of helping projects that are aligned with the green cause and that will ensure that this and future generations live in harmony with nature and its biodiversity.

In this section, we'll show you all the projects we've already supported and how this can help the planet's well-being.

On Forest Day, Greener brought together Satiko, F1 Grand Prix, Laura Bier, Music in the Park, Francal Feiras, Monet à Beira D'água, Summer Breeze Festival, Farah Service, GS, Dax, Integer Outpromo, Squair and Vila Roubadinhas to launch the "Vozes da Amazônia” (Voices of the Amazon) project.

Focused on environmental preservation, ESG culture and zero carbon emissions, we called on all these communities, ambassadors, investors and two digital artists to raise awareness about environmental preservation. In this side-by-side partnership with the artists Flávia Braum and Andreia Della Vedova, Greener launched a collection of 5 unique NFTs on its website. Together, they offset 1,150 tons of carbon and part of the sale was donated to the ASAGA association.

The Aripuana/Guariba Agro-Extractivist Association (ASAGA) is an association in the area where our conservation project operates. The association's employees extract copaiba oil, a natural antibiotic that guarantees income for local communities. Extracted using agroforestry techniques without causing deforestation, it provides true harmony between man and nature, with health and the maintenance of biodiversity. More than R$ 1 million has already been earmarked for infrastructure improvements, such as basic sanitation, water treatment systems, solar energy and education.


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