Greener + Compensa’s Calculator

In order to help with this step and following the strict guidelines of the GHG protocol, Greener has developed an automated emissions calculator in partnership with “”, a company specializing in consultancy for calculating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and inventories.

Our calculator is the first step for companies looking to start their emissions reduction and offsetting journey towards sustainability.

In a simple, practical and fast way, our calculator allows the user to obtain an instant result and inventory of the scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions of companies and events, enabling you to offset the emissions generated.

Personalized consultancy

To carry out more complex calculations, including scope 3, we recommend personalized consultancy, where we recommend partner and reliable companies to carry out specialized consultancy based on each client's needs.

Consultancy specialized in the calculation and inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, following the guidelines of the GHG Protocol. In addition to the calculations, it provides a platform for managing your company's emissions.

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