Francal Feiras

All segments united for the planet
With over 900,000 monthly website visits and approximately 150,000 annual visitors to its fairs, Francal Feiras is emerging as a leader in sustainable innovation in the fair industry. In addition to committing to carbon offsetting, the company is implementing various actions to reduce the impact of its operations.
One of these actions is the implementation of a comprehensive selective waste collection and management system, which starts from the assembly to the dismantling of the fairs. Furthermore, Francal Feiras is also promoting environmental compensation for the packaging collected during the events. To further encourage sustainable practices, the company has created the "Viva Verde" seal, highlighting exhibitors who are contributing to nature preservation.
All these initiatives are contributing to the development of a business culture that values care for the future of our biodiversity, both in the short and long term. With a sustainability-focused vision, Francal Feiras is positioning itself as a committed leader in driving positive changes across various economic sectors.
Sustainability starts from childhood Abrin- Neutralized event Abrin, the first of the 12 Francal's fairs, will have its emissions offset by Greener.
And for that reason, to promote a sustainable future for future generations, Greener and Francal are committed to fully offsetting the carbon emissions generated by their fairs and offices. Additionally, they are working together to educate exhibitors about new consumer demands and the concept of regenerative finance. This collaboration is resulting in a significant transformation in how companies and their management teams approach planet preservation. The adoption of more assertive approaches aims to redefine the business mindset, encouraging the adoption of more sustainable practices.
In this way, this partnership aims to contribute to the construction of a more conscious and ecologically balanced future, in line with the planet's needs and a more environmentally responsible future.