The textile industry connected with sustainability

Insider innovates by using technology to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry and develop functional clothing. Their products have sustainability certifications such as CO2 control, Oeko-Texยฎ, and the eureciclo seal. The production chain is responsible, with a focus on eco-responsibility and reducing environmental impact. The materials used are sourced from reforested wood, aiming for the use of sustainable raw materials. Production is 100% domestic, carried out in audited factories in Sรฃo Paulo and Minas Gerais, with employees in different states of Brazil. The company cares about the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, water consumption, and promoting biodegradability and recycling.

However, this story of sustainable innovation is just the beginning. Greener and Insider have joined forces to co-create a line that goes beyond merely reducing its environmental impact. This line, named Tech Negative Carbon Line, not only offsets its own emissions but doubles that offset, making the CO2 impact of its production negative. This provides the community, in addition to textile technology, the opportunity to be active agents in preserving the planet.

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