Our asset generation process (GPT), from start to finish, goes through several stages and audits by major market entities, ensuring that the entire process follows solid governance and the integrity o


UNESP promotes the study and geographical validation of the project, for the development of the environmental inventory, applying the methodology for measuring carbon stocks and sequestration in the area of native forest of the environmental preservation project. This method received technical validation from the University of Sassari (Italy).

Validation and verification

KPMG conducted a verification and validation of the methodology and quantities achieved through the methods used in the creation of the tokens. The applied methodology was validated, confirming the geographical integrity of the area that generated the carbon stock.


The assets are allocated in a SA, controlled by an investment structure, and regulated by the capital market.

CERTIK (on going)

audit of the tokenized asset's smart contract, which identifies possible flaws and vulnerabilities in the digital asset (GPT) and the platform.


An investment of 5 million BRL in the community around the preserved area, plus an additional 5% of the proceeds from the sale of biodiversity credits. Socio-environmental project in execution until 2029, renewable until 2033. Satellite monitoring - prevention of fires, invasions, and illegal mining. *Direct support to the Aripuanรฃ-Guariba Agroextractivist Association (ASAGA).

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