Preservation is serious stuff
Our digital asset (GPT) generation process goes through 10 stages:
Step 1
Feasibility assessment
application of strong due diligence on documentation in the areas where the credits are originated;
Step 2
Application of the carbon quantification methodology
study and geographical validation of the space and the guarantee of preservation.
Step 3
KPMG audit
certification of methodology and audit of the data collected and proof of geographical suitability
Step 4
The assets are allocated to a fund regulated by the "Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM)
the assets are again audited and priced by EY and PWC.
Step 5
Creation of the token
tokenization of the asset and audit of the smart contract by Certik.
Step 6
Making the token available on the platform
integration with the asset sales platform and release for sale to companies.
Step 7
Custody of the tokens on a security platform
custody on Fireblocks to secure the tokens against cyber-attacks.
Step 8
Monthly satellite monitoring
satellite monitoring and monthly environmental report carried out by Zabotto Ambiental.
Step 9
Registration on the platform
KYC and KYB validation of each account created.
Step 10
Purchasing and offsetting emissions
Offsetting the emissions reported in the inventory, issuing the offset certificate (Greener DNA) as a Soulbound Token.