Nexway - Payment Gateway

Nexway facilitates carbon offsetting with fiduciary payments, eliminating the complexity of cryptocurrencies. Our platform makes the carbon offsetting process more accessible and efficient, eliminating the need to use cryptocurrencies in the operation and allowing the use of fiduciary means accessible to everyone. Nexway's checkout allows users and customers to pay for carbon offsetting directly with fiduciary payment methods, adapting to the specificities of each country. In Brazil, for example, we offer options such as Pix, bank slip, and credit card. In this model, the acquisition of 1 GPT has a cost of 18 USD, a value that already includes blockchain transaction fees and the fees of the chosen payment method. In compensations via cryptocurrencies, clients need to acquire GPTs in their digital wallets and, after this step, request the offsetting of these GPTs. This method involves fees known as Gas-fee, whose costs vary according to the day and time, adding complexity and uncertainty to the process. In contrast, by choosing Nexway, clients enjoy a much more simplified procedure. There is no need to own a digital wallet or acquire GPTs in advance. At the time of payment through Nexway, GPTs are automatically acquired and retired immediately, freeing the client from concerns about variable fees and the need for prior knowledge in blockchain tools.

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